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Tales from the Crypt

9 June 1987
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I've talked to myself a while, and I've decided to make sure that I take the utmost care in who reads what.  So, from now on, this baby is


I can't afford to lose my sole thought outlet.  I wouldn't be able to do that and stay sane.

I am de-friending everyone.  You may reapply with the following information:
Where I know you from:
How do you feel about me now, before reading over my LJ:

Don't apply if,
- You can't handle adult themes, adult language, and the ramblings of someone with personality disorders out the nose.
- You already dislike me.

If I reject you, you don't be pissy about it.  Move on.

If I put you into a limited friends group, don't be pissy about it.

If I accept you, then you are a cool person.  Make sure that what is written in here, stays in here.
Exception: If you think that I, or someone else may do something that could hurt another person seriously in a physical sense.

Pirates, Ninjas, Hippies, and the Undead are welcome.
Exception: Wannabe vampires are not.
Welcomeness is not limited to the above.